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In the ever-evolving landscape of open-source models, a new king has emerged to claim the throne in the world of logic and reasoning: Mistral-NEXT. This new model has taken the tech community by surprise, not only because of its sudden release without any prior announcement but also due to its impressive performance that challenges even the likes of GPT-4 in specific areas.

The Arrival of Mistral-NEXT

Mistral-NEXT is the latest offering from Mistral, a company renowned for its contribution to the field with models like Mistral and Mixtral. The latter, known for its mixture of experts approach, has been highly regarded for its efficiency and performance. The release of Mistral-NEXT was discovered when it quietly appeared on the LMSYS.org website, with its presence subtly indicated in a dropdown menu.

Testing the New Logic King

To evaluate Mistral-NEXT’s capabilities, it underwent a series of tests designed to measure its performance across a range of tasks. The initial test involved a simple Python script to output numbers from 1 to 100, which Mistral-NEXT passed with flying colors. However, the real test of its prowess came from more complex challenges, including coding a snake game in Python and tackling logic and reasoning problems.

One of the most telling tests involved writing the snake game using Pygame. While Mistral-NEXT managed to produce code, it required iterations to address feedback, showcasing its ability to understand and rectify issues based on user input, despite not achieving perfection in one go.

Logic and Reasoning: A Standout Feature

Mistral-NEXT truly shined in logic and reasoning tasks. It demonstrated remarkable understanding and problem-solving capabilities in scenarios that required logical deductions, such as the serial versus parallel drying of shirts and the transitive property in speed comparisons. Furthermore, its uncensored responses and correct handling of complex math problems underscored its versatile intelligence.

Interestingly, when faced with the challenge of predicting the number of words in its response to a prompt, Mistral-NEXT showcased an understanding that typically eludes most models, indicating a level of meta-cognition or at least clever programming to anticipate such queries.

The Verdict on Mistral-NEXT

Mistral-NEXT’s performance is compelling, especially in logic and reasoning, where it seems to surpass many of its predecessors and contemporaries. While it may not have perfected the creation of a snake game, its ability to iteratively improve based on feedback and handle a wide array of tasks with logical precision positions it as a formidable force in the AI landscape.

The release of Mistral-NEXT raises intriguing questions about the future of open-source models and their potential. As the community eagerly awaits more information and possibly an open-source release, Mistral-NEXT stands as a testament to the continuous innovation and advancement in the field of artificial intelligence.

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