Suno AI V3 Alpha: Music Generation

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In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and music, Suno AI has emerged as a beacon of innovation. The introduction of Suno AI V3 Alpha marks a significant milestone in text-to-song technology, offering an unparalleled experience in music creation. This latest version not only expands on the capabilities of its predecessors but also introduces a myriad of new features that set a new standard in AI-powered music generation.

Inside Suno AI V3 Alpha: A Sneak Peek

Suno AI V3, still in its alpha testing phase, offers an exclusive preview to pro and premiere users. This version, soon to be available for free upon its official release, showcases significant improvements and new features that enhance the user experience. From new instrumental modes to custom song creation, Suno AI V3 Alpha promises to revolutionize how we interact with music creation AI.

What is Suno AI ?

Suno is a web-based, text-to-music generator that can whip up full songs in seconds from a simple text prompt. For example, tell it to make a ‘psychedelic UK garage song about a friend with a Nokia obsession’, and you’ll get a couple of two-minute songs complete with vocals, instrumentation, lyrics, a song title and even artwork.

This is all possible with the free version of Suno, although those accounts naturally come with limitations. You get a maximum of 50 credits per day, which is enough for ten songs. You also can’t use the songs commercially with a free account, so it’s very much for dabbling and or writing songs for your dog.

Exploring the Features: Instrumental and Custom Modes

One of the standout features of Suno AI V3 Alpha is its instrumental mode, a new addition that offers users the chance to explore music creation without predefined lyrics. Coupled with the custom mode, which allows for personalized song creation, Suno AI demonstrates its versatility and capacity to cater to a wide range of musical styles and preferences.

How does Suno work ?

Like most generative AI tools, the precise mechanics of how Suno works are a little hazy. It isn’t yet clear what data or music the tool has been trained on – we asked Suno for clarification on this and are yet to hear back.

But more broadly, Suno works in a similar way to large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. Lots of training data (which in Suno’s case, includes recordings of speech) help it construct original songs and lyrics based on your prompts. With text, LLMs typically work by predicting what words are most likely to come next in a given sequence, but this is far more challenging for music.

Pushing Boundaries: From Breaking Bad Themes to Psychedelic Lemon Empires

Suno AI V3 Alpha’s capabilities shine through in its diverse range of musical creations. Whether it’s crafting a theme song for Walter White from “Breaking Bad” or generating a psychedelic rock song about a lemon empire monopoly, Suno AI demonstrates its flexibility and creativity. The AI’s ability to capture the essence of various musical genres and themes is truly impressive, showcasing its potential as a tool for artists and creators.

The Verdict: Mind-Blowing Potential with Room for Improvement

While Suno AI V3 Alpha shows a significantly better hit rate of consistent quality in music generation, some glitches and coherency issues still need addressing. However, the overall performance and audio quality of the AI-generated songs are commendable, indicating a promising future for Suno AI as it continues to evolve.

Who owns the Song ?

The short answer is that you own the songs generated using Suno, as long as you’re shelling out for its Pro or Premier plans. If you’re a free user, Suno says it retains ownership of the songs you generate. But this is different from copyright ownership. As Suno’s FAQ section says: “the availability and scope of copyright protection for content generated (in whole or in part) using artificial intelligence is a complex and dynamic area of law, which is rapidly evolving and varies among countries”.

Looking Ahead: Interactive Testing and Community Engagement

The journey of Suno AI V3 Alpha is far from over. With plans for interactive testing through live streams, the Suno AI team invites users to contribute their prompts and explore the AI’s capabilities together. This collaborative approach not only enriches the development process but also fosters a community of enthusiasts eager to push the boundaries of AI-generated music.


Suno AI V3 Alpha stands at the forefront of a new era in music generation, offering an enticing glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence in the arts. Despite its current limitations, the potential for growth and improvement is undeniable. As we look forward to the official release and subsequent updates, Suno AI continues to inspire and intrigue, promising an exciting journey ahead for musicians, creators, and tech enthusiasts alike.